How do I know my cat has arthritis?

artritis en gatos, anxious cat standing up in agressive position

The main symptoms of arthritis in CATS are:

Unwillingness to move: If your cat prefers laying down all day, it might be because moving hurts. Arthritis is often the cause.  

Limping: Walking in a funny manner can be related to the pain arthritis causes them.  

Stiffness: Especially after lying down, cats with arthritis will feel very stiff.  

Crying out loud: Just as we do, cats will express their pain vocally and may meow when they are touched in areas that arthritis has caused to be overly sensitive. Be aware of such reactions when you pick up or pet your cat.  

Lack of enthusiasm: Cats in pain like to be left alone. They will become reluctant to play, and lack enthusiasm when you call them. 

Lick it where it hurts: Often when a spot hurt, cats will try to take care of themselves by licking their wounds.  

Being exhausted: Being in pain all the time is exhausting. Hence, cats with arthritis will seem excessively lethargic throughout the day.  

What can I do when my cat has arthritis?  
There is no cure for arthritis. As the owner of a cat suffering from arthritis there are two main things you can do to improve your kitten's life. The first one is watching their diet. More weight to carry will cause more damage to their joins already affected by arthritis. The second thing you can do is consult your veterinarian about natural medication, such as CBD.